Jean-Pierre GOURC


 Professional address :

LTHE, Transfers, Hydrology, Environment

University Joseph Fourier,Grenoble1
BP 53 – 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9 – France

Geographical Address:

Maison des Geosciences-OSUG « C Â»
1381 rue de la Piscine
Domaine universitaire St Martin d’Heres-F38400
Tel : 33-4-76 63 51 34 /33 -6-87 86 08 73
e.mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Degree (Eng.) in Civil Engineering from INSA (Toulouse, 1969)
Degrees :Dr . Eng ( 1975) , Dr–ès Sciences DSc (1982) in Soil Mechanics University of Grenoble

Professor of Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering at Polytech’ Grenoble University (until 2012).

Emeritus Professor - University of Grenoble (from 2012)

Manager of research about â€śHydro-Mechanical Behaviour of Waste and Geosynthetics” at the LTHE Grenoble University (until 2012).

Coordinator of different Research Inter-laboratories Programmes on Landfills and Geosynthetics-Soil structures

Past-Director of the LiRiGM (Research Laboratory Geology and Geomechanics) – (1991-2003)

Researches mainly related to Waste ,Landfill & Geosynthetics soil interaction:

-Laboratory tests for standardization, numerical modelling, design and large scale experimentation, and environmental engineering

-Applications such as landfills for nuclear, industrial and biodegradable wastes, geocomposite barriers systems for waste confinement and geosynthetic retaining structures

-Current activity : Strengthening of international academic links

                         Preparation of training curses in the personal fields of expertise

Fields of expertise :

  • Geomechanics,
  • Bio-hydro-mechanics of waste,
  • Landfill barriers,
  • Geosynthetics, Reinforcement & Filtration
  • Slopes stability

Author of more than 200 technical papers in the field of Waste behaviour, Geosynthetics and Environmental Engineering and more than 20 Invited and Keynote lectures in International Conferences



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Jean-Pierre GOURC